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Transnational workshops

Network Fair Posting: Transnational workshop III
16.-18. March 2022 | online  

The third transnational workshop was focussed on the sectors transport and seasonal work and on our recommendations for the EU regulation.

Anna Weirich (EMWU) and Edwin Atema (FNV) gave a well-informed and focussed input on the new regulations for transport workers at the European level and the best practices and experiences of the Netherlands union to protect workers’ rights. With Federico Pancaldi from the European Labour authority we discussed the experiences on the situation of lorry drivers and exchanged on needs for action. With a special methodological framework the counsellors discussed in small groups with experts on the sectors different cases.

At the morning of the 17th Alina Lippegaus (Faire Mobilität), gave an input on the new regulation in agriculture temporary work. Afterwards we discussed common recommendations for the different sectors for the European Union. Therefore, the experts discussed in focus groups their experiences and elaborated the most important needs in the sectors. The discussed sectors have been Care, metal, construction, agriculture and transport. At the third day the counsellors have had a training on counselling skills.


Workshop 3


transnational workshop 3 2022


Network Fair Posting: Transnational workshop II

28./29. October 2021 | online  

The second transnational workshop of “Network Fair Posting” took place online. This two days of fruitful exchange with our great colleagues from Faire Mobilität we started with an input on the EU decision on temporary work and the German Court decision on 24hrs Care Work. We discussed the consequences for posted workers and the international cooperation. A colleague from IG BAU presented the union membership for mobile workers in the construction and agriculture industry. We were very happy to welcome an expert from the European Labour Authority who presented the campaign against precarious work, especially in the agriculture sector. We exchanged on the problems in this sector and how we could work together to improve the working conditions.

The second day we had a training on counselling strategies of distressed workers. We learned how the stress of the workers effects the counselling situation and how we could deal with this.

Network Fair Posting: Transnational workshop I

24./25. march 2021 | online  

This first transnational workshop of our new project “Network Fair Posting” had a focus on new important developments in posting of workers. We started with the current debates in the agriculture sector and new regulations with the insights of a colleague from Faire Mobilität. Afterwards, we discussed the subject of posting 3rd county nationals, which is more and more important in our project. We exchanged the international experiences and discussed how to act in such cases. We had a juridical input on remote work in Corona times, and which laws apply here as well as on the national regulations of the Posting Directive in Germany, which were updated last year. The meeting was a great opportunity for exchange with the partners from Faire Mobilität and gave new insights into the different subjects.

Network Fair Posting


Fourth transnational Workshop: Focus on the transportation sector

8th October 2020 | Online

The fourth transnational workshop focussed on the transport sector. We started with an input on the the situation, common problems and social rights in the transport sector. Anna Szot and Sejla Vojic (counsellors from Faire Mobilität) built a good basis for the following discussion. They explained the complicated documentation of working reality and habitual work place and the current discussions on legal changes to improve the situation of the workers. They showed examples of their fieldwork and explained how they talk to drivers at parking spots to inform them about their rights.

After a break, Marko Tanasić (ZSSS) gave some insights on the difficulties in counselling and his best practices. He reported how he solves cases and shared his yearlong experience in counselling in the transport sector. We discussed the further cooperation with ver.di as well as the transnational cooperation on cases.

Third transnational workshop

3rd to 4th June 2020 | Online

Due to the pandemic, we had to switch to an online workshop for our third transnational workshop. The focus was a mid-evaluation of the project as well as a training and exchange on the Care sector (elderly, childcare, domestic work). In the evaluation, we discussed the fruitful cooperation in cases with Faire Mobilität as well as ideas to better reach posted workers as well as the general public via social media.

At the second day, colleagues from Faire Mobilität joined the workshop on Care, as one of the most important posting sectors. Manuela Kamp (a German lawyer) lectured on the legal basis in Germany for employment as a live-in care worker and Magdalena Kossakowska (OPZZ) gave an input on social insurance in this sector. Many counsellors of Faire Mobilität gave insights into their counselling work, common problems and possible solutions as well as in the client online work they do.

Second transnational workshop

30 september - 02 october 2019 | Zagreb

The second workshop took place at the venue of SSSH in Zagreb. All partners and counsellors from the German Fair Mobility network took part and had a fruitful exchange on their experiences, on transnational cases and best practices. In the common casework, colleagues developed new ideas and strengthened their cooperation. With a focus on the construction branch, experts gave us an insights into the system and procedures of counselling, A1 Forms and the paid leave scheme of SOKA-BAU.

Trade union projects on posting: a European exchange

22 March 2019 | Berlin

Limited project timelines and changing funding priorities – these conditions often make it difficult to perpetuate the project results. With the aim of better networking, trade unionists from Germany, France, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Italy gathered together in Berlin. The upshot was that the representatives of the three projects present (Fair Working Conditions, TIDE POWER and the Reder Network) intend to pursue more joint initiatives in the future. The event was organised by the DGB Bildungswerk BUND e.V., together with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Marina Mesure from the European Federation of Building and Wood Workers, and the DGB project "Fair Mobility".

Find a report from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in German online.

Start of the new project: first transnational workshop

19 - 21 March 2019 | Berlin

For the first time ever, the new project group met up in Berlin to hold a transnational workshop. Key points of the programme included an exchange on the specific features of posting as reported by the respective partner countries and a chance to get to know each other. For some project partners, the opening of an information centres was imminent. Experienced colleagues shared their best practices in a discussion relating to strategy.