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German Trade Union Confederation's demands at the European level


Demands DGB

In order to bring about a long-term and sustainable change in the employment of mobile workers in Europe, the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) and its member unions propose the introduction of Euro-pean measures to accompany national activities. These should include problem-oriented solutions that should not be restricted to specific groups of workers or specific sectors. Crosscutting measures must be intro-duced which cover all mobile workers. Priority must be given to accommodation conditions, social security cover, placement activities, the unclear status of workers and employers as well as cross-border enforcement and controls. Download here the complete demands:

European campaign to spotlight undeclared work

#EU4FairWork campaign

With participation of the European Labour Authority the EU4FairWork campaign aims at raising awareness about the negative impact of undeclared work both among workers and companies. It encourages policymakers to better tackle undeclared work and proposes cooperation among Platform members. It delivers information material and ressources for online and offline campaigning on the topic.

🔗 #EU4FairWork campaign

Guidelines for Transnational Consultation



DGB Bildungswerk

How can we advise people when the employment relationship goes beyond national borders? What does it mean when we work on a case together transnationally? In one of our workshops, guidelines for transnational consultation work emerged from our experience of this sort of cooperation. (Available in English only)