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How to avoid Exploitation

Explanatory Film

Peter and Maria are from Bulgaria. In the short explanatory film "Fair Posting" they are to two characters in work overalls. They are working on a German construction site. Along the story of Petar and Maria the film explains the concept of posting and the labour rights of these workers. Maria explains in the film, that Peter has a right to the minimum wage of the construction sector and the right to payes leave. The film is available in German, Bulgarian, English, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Slovene and Hungarian.


Your rights as a posted construction worker


This flyer provides details about regulations and issues of importance to posted workers in the construction industry: minimum wage rates set on the basis of collective labour agreements, working hours and rest periods, deductions from wages, paid leave and the vacation fund system maintained by the social welfare fund for the construction industry. It also offers helpful hints regarding matters workers should consider before and after their stays in Germany in order to protect themselves against exploitation.

Guidelines for Transnational Consultation



DGB Bildungswerk

How can we advise people when the employment relationship goes beyond national borders? What does it mean when we work on a case together transnationally? In one of our workshops, guidelines for transnational consultation work emerged from our experience of this sort of cooperation. (Available in English only)