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Katarina Pejić

The Fair Posting Network is composed of trade unions and union-related advisory centres in Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia. These Advisory Centres provide support for workers who are about to be posted to Germany or have returned from Germany following a posting. The counselling programme is available free of charge. The Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund operates eight Fair Mobility Advisory Centres for mobile workers.

Sofia | Bulgaria

Nelly Botevska

Nelly Botevska

Contact Nelly Botevska
Languages  Bulgarian, German, English, Russian
Organisation Конфедерация на независимите синдикати в България (Confederation of Independent Bulgarian Trade Unions)
Address  1, Macedonia Sq., 1040 Sofia, Bulgaria (map)
Telephone  + 359 24010442
Mobile  + 359 884117829



Velichka Mikova

Velichka Mikova

Contact Velichka Mikova
Languages Bulgarian, French, English, Russian
Organisation Конфедерация на независимите синдикати в България (Confederation of Independent Bulgarian Trade Unions)
Address 1, Macedonia Sq., 1040 Sofia, Bulgaria (map)
Telephone + 359 24010476
Mobile +359 888834668


Zagreb | Croatia

Sunčica Brnardić

Sunčica Brnardić © Marijana Tomić

Contact Sunčica Brnardić
Languages Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, English, German, Spanish
Organisation Savez samostalnih sindikata Hrvatske (Confederation of Independent Croatian Trade Unions)
Telephone + 385 14655080



Ljubljana | Slovenia

Marko Tanasić

Marko Tanasić

Contact Marko Tanasić
Languages Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, English
Organisation Zveza Svobodnih Sindikatov Slovenije (Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia)
Address Dalmatinova 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (map)
Telephone +386 (1) 4341290
Mobile +386 51336839