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Blocul National Sindical (BNS)/The National Trade Union Bloc Confederation in Romania represents the rights of and campaigns on behalf of more than 350,000 working people. BNS seeks to achieve a good quality of life for everyone and a just society in which the rights of all workers and citizens are recognised. BNS is a member of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), of the Pan European Regional Council (PERC) and of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).

DGB Bildungswerk Bund

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The DGB Bildungswerk Bund is the national organisation of the Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB) for general, political and trade-union-related education and training. Among other activities, it supports people who are engaged in support of migration and equal opportunity in the world of work.




The All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ) is the largest nationwide umbrella confederation of trade unions in Poland, comprised both of unified nationwide trade union organisations and the sectoral federations of trade unions. The OPZZ aims to ensure decent living and working conditions in the democratic society.



The Confederation of Independent Croatian Trade Unions is the largest trade union confederation in Croatia. It represents more than 100,000 members who work in the private sector and civil service. The SSSH is a member of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).


VASAS, the Hungarian Metalworkers' Federation, represents workers' interests in the metal, automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics and ICT industries. VASAS is more than 112 years old. Today it is one of the largest sectorial trade unions in Hungary with 20,000 active members, i.e. 20% of all workers in the sectors it covers.



The Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia is the largest trade union confederation in Slovenia. The ZSSS is a member of the Slovenian National Council and the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).

Cooperating partners

DGB – Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund/Fair Mobility

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Fair Mobility is a project sponsored by the National Executive Board of the Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB). Within the framework of this project, eight Advisory Centres provide support and information on work-related and social issues for mobile workers.


DGB Bildungswerk Bund
Michaela Dälken
Hans-Böckler-Straße 39, 40476 Düsseldorf
Telephone +49 211 4301-198


DGB-Projekt Faire Mobilität
Dominique John
Kapweg 4, 13405 Berlin
Telephone +49 30 21240540



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