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A growing number of posted workers are sent each year from one EU Member State to another for the purpose of working there for limited amount of time. Posted workers possess a special status: they often receive significantly lower payments and are more vulnerable to fraudulent activities. They are less familiar with the foreign legal environment and easier fall victim of undeclared work practices. The Posting Directive was adopted in this respect, in order to protect the rights of posted worker and to promote freedom to provide service and ensure a level playing field.

With the project, the “Network for Fair Posting” will support counselling centres for posted worker in the countries of origins. They will counsel posted workers, exchange information on legislation and procedures, share contacts and help facilitate problem-solving solutions. They will work closely together with the DGB counselling centres of “Faire Mobilität” (Fair Mobility).


  • Five Sector-specific cooperation centres for networking regarding posted workers and counselling
  • National and transnational exchange meeting with relevant public authorities and stakeholder
  • Social networking for cooperation
  • Transnational Expert Exchange Meeting of Trade Unions
  • Individual traineeships with joint actions
  • Group joint visits
  • Training workshops Hungary
  • Awareness raising
  • Coordination

The experts in the cooperation centres will take part in meetings and other forms of exchange with public authorities and relevant stakeholders like labour inspection, occupational safety authorities, health insurance, social insurance, custom (for example Finanzkontrolle Schwarzarbeit/German Custom). The partners will also initiate bilateral working meetings, where they establish connections with other relevant stakeholders and public authorities to intensify the cooperation. Furthermore, the experts in the cooperation centres will attend national or international workshops, conferences etc. to discuss on the projects cause.


  • DGB Bildungswerk Bund e.V. (Koordination)
  • BNS | National Trade Union Bloc Romania (Partner)
  • OPZZ | All Poland’s Alliance of Trade Unions (Partner)
  • SSSH | Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia (Partner)
  • Vasas | Hungarian metalworkers’ union (Partner)
  • ZSSS | The association of free trade unions of Slovenia (Partner)

Associated Partner

  • DGB Bundesvorstand / DGB Trade Union Confederation
  • ESS, Zavod Rebulike Slovenije Za Zaposlavanje / Employment Service of Slovenia
  • EVW, Europäischer Verein für Wanderarbeiterfragen / European Migrant Workers Union
  • Faire Mobilität / Fair Mobility of DGB, German Conferdation of Trade Unions
  • FES, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung / Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation
  • FGS Familia, Federația Generală a Sindicatelor Familia / Federation of the General Trade Unions of Romania
  • FPSC, Federatia Pratronatelor Societatilor din Constructi / Employers' Federation of Building Companies, Romania
  • HZZZ, Hrvatski Zavod Za Zaposljavanje / Croatian Employment Service
  • IGM, IG Metall / Metall trade Union
  • Labour Inspectorate of the Republic Slovenia, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Oportunities
  • MLPS, Ministry of Labour and Pension System
  • NGG, Gewerkschaft Nahrung, Genuss, Gaststätten, German Trade Union for Food, Beverages and Catering
  • Obrtno-podjetniska zbornica, slovenije / Chamber of Craft and Small Business
  • ÖGB, Österreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund / Austrian Trade Union Federation
  • Pro-G, Austrian Metall Trade Union
  • SGH, Sindikat Graditeljstva Hrvatske, Trade Union of Construction Industry of Croatia
  • ZSSS, Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije / Health Insurance institute, Slovenia

Duration: 1/2021 bis 6/2022

Financed by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation ("EaSI" – Progress Axis) 2014-2020
Posting of workers: enhancing administrative cooperation and access to information (VP/2020/007)

Projekt "Fair Working Conditions"

Report and Evalutation 2019/2020

Posted workers are forced to work in a shadow world of the labour market in which labour law is circumvented and occupational safety and health requirements are undermined. Therefore, the project aims to strengthen the transnational cooperation, raise the accessibility of information and promote the evidence basis regarding the situation of posted workers. The project "FAIR working conditions" has a twofold approach of counselling posted workers and transferring the gained information to trade unions, public authorities,
stakeholders and policy makers. Recently, the work of the project was evaluated, concentrating on the statistical findings of the counselled cases in the information centers, that in were in sum 1800 cases with 1958 workers involved.


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This publication has received financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” (2014-2020). The information contained in this publication does not necessarily reflect the official position of the European Commission.