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Workshop Fair labour mobility


Kick-off meeting – 10 March 2014

Representatives of the organizations involved in the project met in Berlin to discuss plans for the project. At that meeting it was agreed that two workshops would be held in Berlin, and that all counsellors assigned to the participating projects would be invited to attend. A final workshop at which the results of group work will be discussed was also planned for early 2015.

1st workshop – 13 to 15 May 2014

The focus of the first workshop was the situation of migrant workers from Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia in Germany. The union strategies for assisting these employees were discussed within this context. The point of departure for the discussion was the support provided to Polish employees in the Netherlands by the FNV Bondgenoten union, which was presented as an example of good practice by a Dutch colleague. The participants formed work groups tasked with developing informative materials for migrant workers in six languages.

2nd workshop – 10 to 12 September 2014

The second workshop focused on initial experience with counselling at the counselling offices. Participants also discussed the problem of how the principle of general contractor liability  can be applied in concrete counselling situations. The informative materials prepared by the individual work groups were discussed and revised accordingly.

3rd workshop - 25 to 27 February 2015

All project partners and some advisors of the fair mobility network met in Sofia for the final workshop. Regarding the whole period of the project, activities and achievements were summarized and discussed. The participants identified needs and gathered ideas for further forms of cooperation which could already be translated into concrete plans for future collaboration.