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What we do

With the “European Fair Mobility Network” project, we are laying the foundation for a transnational counselling network for migrant and posted workers in Europe.

We are strengthening cooperation between union and union-affiliated counselling centres in certain countries of origin, namely Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania, and the host country of Germany.

We have established counselling offices in the countries of origin at which workers can obtain guidance regarding their rights in the German labour market prior to departing for Germany.

Following their return from Germany, we assist them at these counselling offices if they have claims to be filed against companies in Germany.

Counselling offices have been established at the KNSB/CITUB in Bulgaria, at the ZSSS in Slovenia, and at the FGS Familia in Romania. They work closely with the Fair Mobility network of the Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (German Federation of Trade Unions, DGB). The counsellors at the counselling offices are trained in matters relating to the legal situation in the German labour market by members of the Fair Mobility staff and other qualified personnel. Multilingual information leaflets have been printed as counselling aids.

The European Fair Mobility Network project is funded within the framework of a preliminary measure initiated by the EU Commission with additional funding support provided by the Hans Böckler Foundation and the National Executive Committee of the DGB. The project is managed by Arbeit und Leben Berlin.


Project leaders
Dominique John, Vladimir Bogoeski
DGB, Keithstr. 1–3, 10787 Berlin

Phone +49 30 21240540

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